81-year-old Ohio based couple die hours apart after 79 years of marriage

Ohio-based couple Hubert and June Malicote who married in 1943 died in a gap of just 20 hours, according to his family members. they happily spent 79 years with each other till the last movement. Their 76-year-old son, Sam Malicote told the news agency “Hubert and June Malicote both were 100 years old and died last week”.

“On November 30 Hubert died just after the few hours of his wife and then the 81 years love story was finally ended” as told by his family members. 20 hours later of death of Hubert on Dec 1 afternoon June also died. “we all feel very sad but we should not because can we expect to live a love life like that in today’s time, they always went out together”.

June and Hubert Malicote
Image Source: Fox News

Their son told to news agency ” my mother was ill after celebrating thanksgiving day and admitted to the hospital for extra care, earlier she also suffered from a heart stroke. During a casual visit to check on his wife, Hubert was also admitted along with his wife due to some unhealthy reasons, after the admission, my father stayed mostly in the unconscious situation for many days and finally died due to a “broken heart”.

Both were born in July 1922 and married in June 1943, the couple lived apart for just two years in their whole life. At the time second world war Hubert was posted in Hawaii, and after two years, June was eagerly waiting for her husband at the station as told by his son. they have been blessed with three children seven grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren according to their obituaries.

The couple also reveals some secrets about their love life “we never are in any argument in our whole life also he never had a single fight in our life, if there is a chance of an argument or fight you might have walked away from the situation for few minutes and after few time when you come back to change the particular subject of the talk, it must be a workout for all of us. 

“they hold the hand of each other and say good night every night and in the morning they also feel so happy after watching each other, they always greet each other with huge smile” as told by their daughter Jo. earlier in an interview, Hubert said we could not imagine life being without his lovely wife. he further added we have had a great life and if we are not together our team is broken. 

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