The Black Panther star Letitia Wright was seen partying with Kehlani in a London club

Recently Black Panther actress Letitia Wright and American singer Kehlani were spotted at Fabric London nightclub and many videos of doing partying were seen on Social media. O2 Academy Brixton’s performance and current tour is the reason of Letitia Wright was present at the party. Last Tuesday DJ Noodles, Dreua Mac, Kehlani and the other crew member spent a very good time after the performance at O2 Academy Brixton. At the party when Kehlani is entertained, the vibes are changed and all are charged up for the Party mood.

Apart from all of this Black Panther was a massive hit on social media. some fans commented that we would never see this earlier but Kehlani win the hearts after crushing on Letitia Wright and we all are happy to see it. whatever the clips did appear some party type of Kehlani’s girlfriend, 070 shakes aka Danielle Balbuena was also seen in the videos standing simply with friends. there are also some rumours are arrived that Letitia dating Eva Apio, who was also present at the party according to user comments in the different posts. At present Kehlani doing the shows in Europe and planning for Australia and Asia for the upcoming.

Personal details about Kehlani:
Kehlani Ashley Parrish popularly known as Kehlani was born on 24 April 1995 and is a famous American Singer, rapper and also record producer. She released her first commercial mixtape in the year 2014 named “Cloud 19” and the mixtape was also listed as among the top 50 Best Albums of 2014. You Should Be Here was her Second mixtape. In the category of Best Urban Contemporary Album, she got a nomination for her album “You Should Be Here” for Grammy Award. SweetSexySavage was her first major label debut album released in January 2017.

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She described herself as a mix of “Spanish, black, white,filipion and Native American”. the reason behind this mixed ethnicity was her mother’s father, Her father was a mixed breed of African-Americans and her mother is a mix of white, Spanish and Native American. her mother was a drug addict and also spent some time in prison so Kehlani was adopted by her aunt. As same as her mother her father was also a drug addict and he died when she was an infant. Oakland School for the arts was attended by Kehlani in her teenage days, where she groomed her skills for modern and ballet dancing.

At an early age, Kehlani wants to become a professional dancer but later due to a knee injury in junior high, he focused his career on singing. At the age of 14, Kehlani joined a local pop band named “PopLyfe” and her actual career started with the PopLyfe. In just two years the band gained popularity and started performing in other cities. she participated in America’s Got Talent and secure fourth place. After the end of America’s Got Talent, she immediately leaves PopLyfe due to some other disputes, After that She avoided music for six months. The time duration from 2012 to 2013 is very difficult for her, she was homeless at that time and often slept on couches.

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