Who killed the Kisliak? In Buffalo, a husband and family were discovered dead

The horrifying finding of five persons discovered dead in their suburban house the previous day was revealed in further detail by Buffalo Grove police on Thursday. Officials declared the event to be domestic in nature and confirmed the people were family members. Injuries caused by sharp objects appear to be the cause of death for all of those deceased, according to Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek, who spoke at a press conference on Thursday.

Why did the Kisliak die?

Vera Kisliak made what seems to be a tragic choice a few weeks before she was killed: she let her estranged husband, who for months had harassed and threatened her, to move back into her home. A “horrific” crime scene was discovered inside the million-dollar home of the Kisliaks in the 2800 block of Acacia Terrace by Buffalo Grove police on Wednesday. Vera Kisliak, her husband, Andrei Kisliak, their daughters, ages 6 and 4, and her husband’s 67-year-old mother were all found dead from “sharp force trauma” injuries.

Police have not provided much information since a brief news conference on Thursday. Still, Lake County court documents paint a picture of Andrei Kisliak’s increasingly erratic and threatening conduct beginning at least in July, when the pair started their bitter divorce procedures.

The defendant’s wife testified before the judge that her husband regularly used drugs, invited prostitutes into the home, stalked her as she dropped off their children at school, stole her car, and then threatened to kill her “and disfigure the body in a way that no one will recognise her.” Then, on November 1, the couple requested that the court amend the protection order that had kept Andrei Kisliak out of the house and from seeing their kids unsupervised and allow him to relocate.

Buffalo Grove Police investigate Wednesday after five people were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide inside a home in the 2800 block of Acacia Terrace in the northwest suburb.
Source: Sun times

However, on November 1st, the judge permitted Andrei Kisliak to withdraw his divorce petition, though Vera’s counterpetition was what kept the divorce proceeding. He was permitted to enter the home again under the same order. He had to prove he was applying for three jobs each month, pay his wife back for her expenses, and give her the keys to one of their vehicles.

The bedrooms for the couple were to be segregated. Additionally struggling financially was the couple. According to court documents, Andrei Kisliak, who Lysenko claimed frequently worked two or three jobs at once, had to quit working and sell off a number of expensive refrigerators that he had restored to pay his debts. According to court documents, a meeting was conducted the day before the dead were found to discuss selling the Acacia Terrace home, which had entered foreclosure.

Although it is unclear from the court records, Andrei Kisliak, who was representing himself after his first two attorneys left the case, would seem to have attended. When the Kisliaks bought their home a few years after their Minsk wedding, Lysenko had no idea that it was in foreclosure. According to Lysenko, Andrei Kisliak spent a fortune remodelling the home and worked multiple jobs to pay for it.

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