How did Japanese Actor Toru Watanabe Died?

Tôru Watanabe was born in Oyama, Japan, on May 12, 1961. He is an actor best known for Hideyoshi (1996), Miracle in Kasama (2018), and Tokugawa Yoshinobu. Since 1987, he has been wed to Ikue Sakakibara. They have two youngsters. A rather surprising piece of news is making its way to the surface, claiming that popular actor Toru Watanabe has passed suddenly.

At the age of 61, he took his last breath on November 28, 2022. It is safe to say that all of his family members and well-wishers have been deeply shocked by his untimely death. Nobody seems to be imagining that he has actually passed away. After the sad news of the story was announced, tribute posts and condolence messages flooded social media.

Toru Watanabe Cause of Death

Since the news broke, people have hurriedly posted poignant memorials on the deceased on social media. It would not be inaccurate to claim that his terrible death has caused many people’s hearts to splinter into pieces. The theatrical company released a statement claiming that Watanabe was hospitalised on November 20 after developing a fever and stomachache and being identified as having bacterial gastroenteritis. His eldest son, actor Yuta, will host his funeral, and members of his fastest family may attend.

A second memorial ceremony might also be arranged. Watanabe, born in the Ibaraki Prefecture, made his television debut in the popular series “Taiyo ni Hoero! (roar on the sun)” in 1981 while still a student actor at a Bungakuza-affiliated workshop. In the series, he played a brand-new detective. Due to his alluring appearance, he quickly became a pop idol.

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In 1982, his song “Yakusoku (promise)” became well-known thanks to its use as the soundtrack for a television ad for a chocolate deal. As a result of his optimistic outlook, he has appeared on TV selection shows. Ikue Sakakibara, 63, and Watanabe, a long-time celebrity couple, were well-known. As previously mentioned, Watanabe was hospitalised on November 20 due to symptoms like fever and abdominal pain, according to Bungakuza, the Japanese theatre company to which he belonged. Watanabe, a native of Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, who enrolled in the Bungakuza-affiliated actors’ academy in 1980, became well-known the following year when he made his acting debut as a young detective in the TV drama “Taiyo ni Hoero.”

He made his stage debut in a prestigious half in 1983. Watanabe sold more than 500,000 units of his song “Yakusoku,” which was used in a TV commercial. Continue to follow HindiAble for further updates and the most recent news.

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