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However, the performer is said to marry model and fellow vocalist Gabriela Berlingeri, whom he met by chance in 2017. The couple has a lengthy and prominent history of appearing together at conventions, on red carpets, and in Bunny’s music videos. However, there continue to be unanswered issues concerning Bad Bunny’s romantic history – including his future. Bad Bunny made some statements implying he and Gabriela are no longer together, notwithstanding their tight relationship, which piqued the singer’s curiosity about his love life. Bad Bunny was supposedly in a severe relationship with a former lover, Carliz de la Cruz, before encountering Berlingeri. They had been dating for five years eventually splitting up in April 2017, the same week he experienced Gabriela. Berlingeri is a model turned jewelry designer who has appeared in some of Bunny’s songs. She is recognized as a performer on his track En Casita, which roughly corresponds to In a modest house, on his unexpected 2020 album Las Que No Iban a Salir. Fans observed Berlingeri wearing a platinum stone on her right index finger in a video secretly taken by Bunny in August 2021. This fueled speculation that perhaps the two had married or become engaged.

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Who Is Bad Bunny

With four classic albums underneath his belt, Bad Bunny has amassed a combined wealth of $16 million. Since launching his career in 2013, the Puerto Rican musician has progressively established himself among the world’s best trap and reggaeton musicians. Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio is best known for his smash song “Soy Peor,” but he didn’t seem to stop there. His art has now won him a global fanbase and a slew of potential partners. 

Is Bad Bunny in a Relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri?

Bad Bunny in a Relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri

Though admirers had been keeping a close eye on Bad Bunny with Gabriela Berlingeri’s committed relationship and assumed they remained blissfully engaged if not wedded, an appearance with Bunny in July 2022 called their notion into question. According to Remezcla, Bad Bunny denied dating Gabriela throughout an Instagram Live, instead stating that they were “very close friends, best friends.” Furthermore, while he recognized the two possess chemistry, he did not explicitly state that he and Berlingeri are dating. This declaration came fewer than a day after the two performed in a video for the song for Bunny’s song Tit Me Preguntó, wherein they “were portrayed pretending to be married.” Fans had hoped that the pair would marry in everyday life, although Bad Bunny’s ambiguous words about their marital relationship have everyone buzzing. 

However, it could have been the singer’s intention; he also mentioned on Instagram Live that this is no matter what individuals consider going on, people aren’t privy to the complete picture. However, as of this posting, Gabriela Berlingeri’s most recent photo with Bad Bunny was taken in September 2021, fueling the suspicion that the couple is no again dating — or never were. 

Who Is Gabriela Berlingeri?

Who Is Gabriela Berlingeri

Gabriela Berlingeri, a Puerto Rican model, is 28 years old. Her birthday is December 29th, 1993. She seems to be of British-Irish descent with Latin ancestors. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico. She became well-known on social media following sharing fashion and lifestyle material. She presently has 2.1 thousand followers on Instagram. She is also an accomplished jewelry designer. She will open her Diciembre/Veintinueve storefront in November 2020. In 2017, she met Bunny while attending one of his Zion & Lennox gigs in Puerto Rico. The rapper, per the insiders, was in the wrong spot in his life because he had fallen out of love with his old girlfriend Carliz de la Cruz before meeting his current partner. Berlingeri also assisted Bunny in recording his 2018 track, Te Gusté, featuring Jennifer Lopez. 

In 2020, she appeared in the musician’s En Casita video for the song, a song regarding remaining at home during COVID. She and Bunny were also highlighted in Rolling Stone’s June 2020 edition. She was then the first Latina supermodel on the magazine’s front cover alongside the artist.

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