Read This Article To Know Van Jones Net Worth: How Rich This Celeb Is?

Van Jones is a $5 million personal financial American political pundit, activist, businessman, barrister, and author. He is most well-known for his achievements as a CNN political strategist Van Jones is mainly popular as the presenter or co-host of CNN television programs like “Crossfire,” “The Van Jones Show,” & “The Messy Truth.” He has co-founded several charities, including Color of Change & Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator. Jones seems to be the CEO of the reforming criminal justice effort REFORM Alliance, along with other things. Jones was married to Jana Carter in 2005. While divorcing in 2019, the two had two kids, Cabral and Mattai.

Let’s Talk About Van Jones Early Life And Education

Van Jones Early Life And Education

Van Jones was born on September 20, 1968, in Jackson, Tennessee, aka Anthony Kapel Jones to intermediate principal of the school Willie & high school teacher Loretta. He has a twin sister called Angela. Jones was a scholar child who admired the late Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kennedys’ civil and human rights work. He attended Jackson Central-Merry High School in his teen age. Jones goes on to get a BS in telecommunications and cultural studies from the University of Tennessee at Martin. He was a student at the institution, consisting in creating many independent campus journals, in the University of Tennessee’s Fourteenth Circle and Vanderbilt University’s Periscope. Jones went on to attend Yale Law School, where he earned his JD in 1993. He after that shifted to San Francisco, California, to become associated with socialist activist groups. Jones co-founded the organisation communist Parading With each other to Assemble a Radical Revolution.

Van Jones In Obama Administration

Van Jones In Obama Administration

President Barack Obama selected Jones as the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Entrepreneurship, including Technology in early 2009. He was in charge of facilitating federal government messaging departments striving forward toward a green economy. Not shortly after his installation, conservative media figures and Congressional republicans initiated a witch hunt against Jones, charging him with being unduly radical and erroneously alleging that Jones had joined a petition stating that the Bush government was implicated in 9/11. Jones withdrew again from the White House in reaction in September 2009.

When Was Van Jones Became The Host Of CNN?

Van Jones Became The Host Of CNN
Jones co-hosted a remake of the CNN public discussion Television series “Crossfire” in 2013, with Stephanie Cutter, S.E. Cupp, plus Newt Gingrich. In the end, the episode aired in late 2014. Jones produced a CNN news film called “The Messy Truth” a year later, resulting generated a studio conversation series called “The Messy Truth with Van Jones.” Jones started hosting “The Van Jones Show” in 2018, and then “The Redemption Project featuring Van Jones” debuted in 2019. Jones also gave political comments to CNN daily. He has given interviews for the platform on a wide range of subjects, including Supreme Court judgments, civil unrest, excessive use of force, and racism.

Van Jones As An Author And Other Ventures

Van Jones As An Author
Jones’s first book, “The Green Collar Economy,” was launched in 2008. The book outlines a strategy for addressing both social and ecological issues at the same time. Notably, “The Green Collar Economy” became the first African-American author’s ecological book to reach the Best-Seller list. Jones issued his second book, “Rebuild the Dream,” in 2012, mainly focused on the actions of his namesake political group. In 2017, he released “Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, Why We Came Together.” Jones is the inventor is the owner of the media company Magic Labs Media and other things. He created the Webby Honors documentary “The Messy Truth” & the Emmy Award-winning VR entertainment under his firm’s same name. Jones debuted a monthly podcast called “Uncommon Ground with Van Jones” under Magic Labs Multimedia in 2021.


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