Brent Rivera Dating 2021: Who Is His Girlfriend?

Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera have been dating since 2020. He has started dating Morgan Justus with Eva Gutowski, both YouTubers. Brent Rivera (born On Jan 9, 1998) is a viral success and actor from the United States. He had formerly become a Vine developer transitioning to social media sites, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He is indeed the CEO.

Meanwhile, he is a founder of Amp Studios, a 2018 content creation firm. That same year, he formed the Amp Squad, a YouTube creativity group. Brent Rivera is now dating Pierson Wodzynski, an American social like press now, character 2022. She became well-known on TikTok for releasing speeches along with dance videos, in addition to a few of her musical and theatrical skills.

Let’s Discuss Brent Rivera Relationship Timelines!

Brent Rivera Relationship Timelines!

Brent & Pierson met during the filming of ‘Date Takeover,’ a dating show. Pierson made a mention during several of the participation in programs. The idea of the play was that Lexi, Brent’s younger sister, would choose who could date Brent, but Pierson eventually won. She was ultimately added to Brent’s group of friends. At the time, Brent Rivera was dating Eva Gutowski. They subsequently became best friends, participating in each other’s videos or social media posts. Brent allegedly began dating Pierson in 2020 after his divorce from Eva. They’ve pulled practical jokes on one Brent, on the contrary hand YouTube films, whenever he was detained when officials were questioning her father. Pierson was forced to tackle Eva on the pretext of hostility, and he even pretended to have a horrible, near-fatal accident nut allergy response in her presence. Brent Rivera is sensitive to nuts, but he didn’t do you have anything for the hoax film, so his reaction was overdone. They were recently photographed in Coachella in 2022, & their romance has been intense. 

Brent Rivera’s Past Relationships

Brent Rivera's Past Relationships

Brent Rivera dated social media star Morgan Justus from June to October 2017. Because their connection was not widely publicized during its brief existence, nothing is familiar with it. Brent Rivera & Eva Gutowski began dating in 2019, and the fact results that they have been speculated to be together since 2017. It all started in 2016 when Eva and Brent worked together to create YouTube videos, and Eva grew more interested in Brent. Brent, aware of her attraction to him, encouraged her by presenting her with gestures and words of reinforcement. This continued for more than a year. Eva became weary of Brent only pushing her on but not desiring a relationship in February 2018, and the two admitted that it was destroying their relationship.

Who Is Brent Rivera?

Who Is Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a well-known YouTube personality from California in addition to performing. In addition, he has a YouTube channel anywhere and everywhere he goes uploads videos. He does have a Channel on youtube in California. He displays his stylish apparel and innovative films on his personal Instagram profile. On Jan 9, 1998, he was birth to a Christian family in Huntington Beach, California. He has turned 23 years old. He grew raised in California, where he was born. To cut a long story short, He is known called Brent Rivera, although that isn’t his real surname. He is a genuine Christian who was born in the Capricorn astrological sign. Brent Rivera has a dashing appearance and a fantastic hairstyle.

Brent Rivera Net Worth: How Much This Youtuber Makes?

Brent Rivera Net Worth

Brent Rivera’s wealth has been $6.5 million since about 2021. He, in reality, earned his first million dollars at the age of 18 in 2016. He’s effectively used his internet presence through the years and is one of California’s younger millionaires. Brent’s YouTube channel is his most significant cause of money. He publishes a new video weekly and receives a mean of 3.4 million visits daily. Brent’s channel is expected to make $186,000 in advertising money, or $2.79 million per year, with sponsored YouTube channels generating $3 to $7 per each thousand youtube views. Brent Rivera contributes cash by performing like a celebrity on social media.


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