All the way to know about Eren Yeager’s death on Titan?

Eren Yeager is one of the central figures in Hajime Isayama’s manga Attack on Titan. A teenage kid named Eren has vowed to exact revenge on the enormous animals known as Titans that devoured his mother. After enlisting in the Army, he joins the Exploration Battalion, a unit of troops that battles the Titans outside the walls to eradicate them. Eren discovers later in the narrative that he can change into Titan, “the Attack Titan.” It subsequently becomes a crucial instrument for assisting people in eliminating their foes. Whether Eren perishes in Attack on Titan will be revealed in this post.

In the last levels of the War for Paradis storyline, Eren Yeager is killed by Mikasa and has his head severed. Before this decisive battle, Eren had turned into the adversary of the entire planet after going insane during his quest. Mikasa had to kill him because of this. The circumstances surrounding Eren Yeager’s death will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. You’ll learn why the main character had to die in the first place and the specifics of his demise at Mikasa’s hands.

Did Eren die in Attack on Titan?

Did Eren die in Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager, one of the main characters in Attack on Titan, is one we’ve already mentioned in the introduction. Most people thought of him as the series’ greatest hero, the person who would put an end to the dystopian dictatorship of Isayama’s universe. His journey was heroic for the most part, but it took a fatal turn near the finish.

There will be numerous spoilers in the text that follows if you haven’t read the manga because this wasn’t depicted in the anime. If you don’t want to know everything that happened leading up to Eren’s death, don’t read on. In this section, we will state that Eren Yeager indeed passes away in Attack on Titan and that this death occurs during the manga’s and anime’s final arc. The following parts will provide more information on his death’s circumstances.

How did Eren die in Attack on Titan?

How did Eren die in Attack on Titan

We must give you Eren’s entire background to fully comprehend how and why he perished in Attack on Titan, as his character development is essential to understanding what transpires. You can’t just read the manga’s final chapters and grasp all that happens because of the tragic way this character develops.

Ten-year-old Eren Yeager is presented as a boy living in Shiganshina and aspires to join the Exploration Corps to travel outside the city’s boundaries. Eren assists Mikasa in dispatching her kidnappers a year before the story’s events while establishing his philosophy at a young age. Eren was travelling with his father, Grisha, to see his relatives at the time. Eren, forced to witness his mother being attacked by a Titan during the Titans’ invasion of Shiganshina, makes a lifelong commitment to eradicating the Titans. Then Eren joins the Army. Eren makes the ultimate sacrifice during his first mission on Trost to save his friend Armin from being sucked up by a bearded titan. Eren succeeds in becoming a titan, demonstrating that his new force can defend humanity.

What did Eren do during the Attack?

What did Eren do during the Attack

Eren succeeds in getting a position in Levi’s Special Operations Squad, a section of the Scouting Corps. A Titan is after Eren, but Levi and Mikasa can save him. His classmate Annie Leonhart, defeated by Eren but frozen, is subsequently revealed to be the Titan. Eren awakens a force known as the Founding Titan while being hunted by additional Annie supporters.

Following that, Eren and his friends are dispatched to a remote village to prepare for a campaign to rebuild Wall Maria. After that, Rod Reiss captures Eren and confesses that the foundation once belonged to his family for many years after his ancestor Karl Fritz built the walls and that the Reiss family used it to govern.

What happens after Eren dies?

What happens after Eren dies

Now that Eren is gone, the remainder of the Titan race is also gone. The Titans are a race of humans known as the Subjects of Ymir who are decedents of Ymir Fritz if you are familiar with the series. She discovered the ability to become one through the origin of all matter, also known as the shiny centipede. As she passed away, her soul was divided into many portions that would eventually become the various sorts of Titans.

When Eren passes away, the origin of all matter disappears, and the Titans revert to human form. This effectively signals the end of the Attack on Titan series and the Titan race. Armin receives Eren’s head from Mikasa. The manga’s very last pages depict Eren being buried beneath a tree on Paradis Island, where he used to take naps as a kid. Visitors include his friends and fellow warriors, and Mikasa wants to see him again.


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