Mr. Hero Academia- More Powerful Characters than the Prime Deku

Deku outperforms his hero All Might in My Hero Academia chapter 315, not just by using former All For One users’ peculiarities. Readers’ chances of Deku surpassing the last best hero, All Might, crucially rose when they realized that he would be given the traits of former One For All users in My Hero Academia. And now it looks as though it is finally happening.

During his epic fight with Lady Nagant, a multi-quirk user that All For One paid to bring the young hero to him, Deku shows this in two different ways. First, Deku expertly executes techniques that All Might honed at his peak. Deku struggled to use 100% of All Might’s One For All quirk without destroying his bones before his fight with Lady Nagant. One of the rare times he managed to do so was during his struggle with Overhaul, but only because he was taking advantage of Eri’s unique Rewind ability.

Put Up a Fight- Endeavor


When All Might was the top hero, Endeavor was perpetually in their wake. After All Might retired, Endeavor stepped forward and grew stronger as she understood what it meant to be the Symbol of Peace in its most accurate form. The Endeavor can exert more effort than All Might, as proved by his struggle with Hood. He would have fought All Might bravely, even if he would ultimately lose.

Could Debate Easily- Dabi 


A member of the Paranormal Liberation Front is Dabi, formerly the League of Villains. He is endowed with an anonymous caper that allows him to create blue flames and burn his prey to a crisp. Despite being powerful, Dabi cannot stand a chance in opposition of All Might. All Might, in his prime, would probably kill Dabi in one strike. All Might would not even need to be half as strong as Dabi to defeat him in combat.

Put Up a Fight- Nine


The major foe in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was Nine. He was reputed to be a criminal with powers at least equal to those of All For One. Nine was a massive threat to everyone since, like All For One, he owned the ability to use many quirks. Nine would undoubtedly put up a good fight against him, regardless of whether All Might would have been able to defeat him or not.

Put Up a Fight- Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki Tomura

The most well-known and influential character in My Hero Academia is Shigaraki Tomura, who underwent surgery to activate his Decay Quirk and get access to All For One. He seems to be an unstoppable force, and no currently active Hero can equal his might. At his peak, All Might might be able to overcome him, but the likelihood of him succumbing to Shigaraki is also not remote. Tomura would fight back against him valiantly in either case.

Could Defeat Easily- Overhaul


One of My Hero Academia’s most potent villains, Overhaul, was a critical enemy throughout the show’s fourth season. He could kill someone with one palm touch if he had the Overhaul Quirk’s strength on his side. Nevertheless, the fact that he struggled against Mirio Togata shows that All Might would quickly dispatch him, particularly at his peak.

Could Defeat Easily- Rikiya Yotsubashi

Rikiya Yotsubashi

Re-Destro, another name for Rikiya Yotsubashi, formerly served as the Meta Liberation Army’s commander. He has a strong personality and was able to defeat Shigaraki Tomura in combat (before his Quirk awakening). Because Rikiya possesses the power of stress, he can change all of his anxiety into pure force. Even though he is powerful enough to destroy cities, All Might would have little issue defeating him in his prime.

What did Deku divulge in Chapter 315?

Deku divulge in Chapter 315

Deku, though, recently employed Pseudo 100% Manchester Smash, a part of the original Manchester Smash, which he has only used at 20%, in chapter 315 to divulge a new form of One For All at full strength. Because One For All without All Might may always be fully harnessed, facing any negative repercussions, this is crucial. Deku may have only been able to complete this due to his Mid Gauntlet, which stabilizes power, but it is still amazing and a precursor to future events. Deku just showed his equal-to-All Might speed. Deku informs himself that he must copy All Might by outrunning a bullet when Lady Nagant tries to ploy him into a trap by shooting at her sidekick Overhaul. And he does.


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