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An American fashion designer, businesswoman, and writer, Julia Haart was born on April 11, 1971. She also served as Elite World Group’s previous CEO. She was the creative director for the Italian opulence brand La Perla and had previously operated a namesake shoe label. In addition, Haart served as the executive producer and My Unorthodox Life, a Netflix miniseries documenting her 2013 decision to leave the Haredi community. On March 1, 2019, Haart assumed his position as CEO of Elite World Group. She was successful with the business and just made the transition to television. In July 2021, Julia appeared in “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix; the program portrays her CEO life of The Elite World Group. Jewish groups in the area criticised the play for its role.

Showcasing the Early life of Julia Haart


In 1971, Haart was born in Moscow, and her parents emigrated to Austin, Texas, when Haart was just three years old. She studied in a private school in Austin and was the only Jew there. As Haart’s parents became more religious, they relocated to Monsey, New York, which had a sizable Haredi community and appealed to them when she was in fourth grade. Brooklyn, New York’s Bais Yaakov Academy, was where Haart studied. She started sewing when she was 16 and looked at fashion magazines at home. When Julia was 18, Haart changed her first name to Talia, which has a more Hebrew sound, to find love. Julia first got married at 19, a yeshiva student five years her senior. Throughout the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, Haart lived as a Haredi Jew and grew increasingly uneasy with her Haredi Jew community. She was particularly upset about how her younger daughter, Miriam, was being treated. They were trying to crush and shape her into that flat person so they could vanish, just like they had done to me.”

What does the Personal life of Julia haart look like?


Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron are Haart’s four children from her first marriage to Yosef Hendler. Social media influencer Batsheva, whose last name is Haart, was wed to Binyamin “Ben” Weinstein from 2012 until their divorce in November 2021. Miriam has also taken on the surname name Haart from her mother. Aron, a high school student, divides his time between his parents’ homes in Monsey and Manhattan. Furthermore, in June 2019, Silvio Scaglia, a millionaire businessman from Italy, and Haart were married. Following their marriage, Scaglia adopted the last name Haart. Haart filed for divorce in February 2022, losing her CEO job the next day.

All the ups and down’s Julia Haart’s Career.


Haart worked as a Judaic Studies instructor at Yeshiva Atlanta in the 1990s. In the 2000s, she was known as Talia Hendler and employees who knew her at the time- recalled that she was beloved by students and recognised for her intelligent manner.” For many years, Haart offered life insurance covertly. Haart started the Julia Haart shoe brand in 2013 after she left the Haredi sect to create stylish and comfortable footwear. She collaborated with a German company that produces a gel used by NASA and a ski boot engineer to develop a cosy high-heeled shoe. For their accessory collections for the spring and fall of 2016, Haart worked with La Perla. Haart was appointed the brand’s creative director in the same year. She was also appointed CEO and CCO of the talent media conglomerate Elite World Group by Silvio Scaglia in March 2019 (EWG).EWG has refocused the brand and launched new divisions under Haart’s direction.

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Julia Haart is thought to have an $8 million net worth. The Elite World Group, the first talent agency in history, is led by Haart. My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart has earned quick celebrity for her candid comments on orthodox Jewish life and how she discovered freedom by leaving her conservative Haredi community in exchange for wealth, glitz, and fashion. Haart’s earning US$600 million. Haart founded was established the footwear brand in 2013. She wanted to design a brand of footwear that combined style and comfort for the wearer. As a result of Julia’s work on accessory collections for La Perla, the company appointed her as creative director in 2016. For La Perla, Julia created a “ready-to-wear collection,” which was a big hit for the company. While employed by the business, Julia met Silvio Scaglia, an Italian telecom tycoon. Scaglia bought La Perla in 2013 for $69 million.

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