MediaMarkt heats up on Dark Friday with a discount code over 10 pounds

MediaMarkt has been one of the great companies that master of science take advantage of the arrival of Dark Friday , or Black Friday , a date on which prices and sales take over the multinationals. A week that this sales campaign usually lasts, sony ericsson has become the perfect time to start buying the gifts of Christmas .

In fact, Friday on Spain mediamarkt was a pioneer in celebrating the Dark. It happened in 2012, when the company imported the offers that took place in the United States to Spanish stores. Now, being one of the companies that puts the most offers in competition during Black Friday, MediaMarkt has already started to warm up engines for this date.

The website already has on its page The main one is a countdown to the start of Black Friday, one of the times of the year when the company makes the most sales. Thus, this 2021 there will be great discounts on MediaMarkt in brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Nintendo, Lenovo or Apple.

Tips to take advantage of Black Friday in MediaMarkt

In this sense, MediaMarkt has released a series of tips to make the most of Black Friday 2021. Thus, the first of these recommendations is to go through the page these days and make a wish list so that it is easier for us to have located the products in case they are put on sale.

Thus, next 26 November, Friday when the Dark officially begins, we will be better prepared and just by looking at the wish list We can check if the products we want are on sale or not.

In case we have any questions about our purchase, we can help ourselves with the Personal Buyer service on MediaMarkt scam, a service offered by the store through its website.

Discount code in MediaMarkt

At the gates of Black Friday and to start warming up, MediaMarkt has made available to customers a discount code of 10 euros just by subscribing to the MediaMarkt newsletter. Thus, we will have a discount of up to 10 euros on our first purchase on the web.

To achieve this we just have to complete a form with our personal data:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Usual store
  • Phone
  • Date of birth

Therefore, although Black Friday officially begins on 26 November, the offers begin a couple of days before, so we must be on the lookout for zero waiting to run out of share and.