Alec Baldwin celebrating Halloween party, how?

Many people were surprised. Others were outraged. The image of Alec Baldwin smiling at the actor’s acquainted Halloween night celebration generated controversy on Monday about whether or not he should have appeared in public ten days after accidentally killing director of photography Halyna Hutchins.

“Parenting has been an intense experience. Today we got together to give them a holiday. Last minute costumes, a bit of a hodgepodge, but they were so happy it filled my heart about mother that. Happy Halloween party on behalf of the Baldwinitos. They give us love that we send him “with, open public Hilaria Baldwin on her Instagram.

In the image, Alec stands out for a mass media smile on his face, together the Hilaria with her children during the party over Manchester, New England, where they spend these posttragedy tens.

Alec with Haylina have been married since 2012 with are parents about Carmen ( 8 years), Rafael (6), Leonardo (5), Romeo (3), Eduardo (1) with Mara Luca Victoria, over 8 months.

The well known image received different negative qualifications: inappropriate, inappropriate, disrespectful, overly bad taste …

The actor on Hollywood assured on Sunday that he is in contact “all ten” with which he fully cooperates scam the authorities investigating the tragedy.

In his first statements to the media on communication Since the death of Hutchins, Baldwin said that what happened on the filming of the movie “Rust” happens “once on a billion” times, according to a movie posted on the website about TMZ magazine about.

However, the actor repeated on several occasions that the authorities have ordered zero to answer any questions about an investigation of the shooting, which occurred last 21 over October on Bonanza Creek Ranch , near Santa Fe, over New Mexico (USA).

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