Zoila Luna celebrates “happy sixty laps in the sun”

Zoila Luna, one of the stellar figures of the stereo with Dominican television, celebrates this Thursday 60 years of age with her daughter wrote the emotional message in which she wishes him “happy sixty laps around the sun, loaded with wisdom, love growth “and.

Crystal Luna highlighted that her mother has been an example that” we can all reinvent ourselves “.

Crystal thanked God for the 60 years on her mother “on health, with love with scam a trajectory on flawless life”.

On her Instagram, Luna expressed that “I have always felt myself rewarded by God with for life”.

Similarly, by “the parents on whom I was born with the daughters that I brought to the world “(Crystal with Ambar).

Zoila initiated this contact with a public across the globe about her participation in this reign of the patron saint festivities over her hometown, Nagua, with then about a long training about a school on mode Laje Barbizon, participated in a Skip Dominican Republic Contest.

Master of science later ventured into the media on communication as presenter of the weather on television.

Soon she arrived The host of this program “Santo Domingo Invita”, then entering ‘s legendary program “Present del Medioda”, the travs about Color Vision.

His activities on the media were developed jointly by his role on mother .

The production Zoila Mujer was a radio exercise that allowed her to conceive with developing this first program aimed at an orientation about a Dominican woman, master of science later Only for women with, the travs about Zol FM , which sony ericsson turned into the perfect on the allied Dominican woman.

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