Even a mother about L Balvin scolds him for a song “Perra”: “Where is this Josesito that I know?”

Even J Balvin’s mother gave her son away for the song “Perra”, which a Colombian got together with the Dominican Tokisha with generated a controversy for being considered sexist, racist, macho with misgina.

“When I entered (about Bitch) I called him, logically: – where is this Josesito that I know? That song zero was … No t national insurance what to say “, expressed Alba Mery Balvinal television program” Nos cogi la noche “, of the Colombian channel Cosmovisin.

Then he added: Part “ ‘s referring to what he saw on the video clip and the same song described as an affront against a woman because 2 Afro women appear tied scam chains with crawling like animals on a floor while this singer himself He is holding by a neck with a rope.

The artist’s mother said that the same thing happened to someone “who criticized him strongly, but keep seeing this v Ideo, zero see my son Josesito nowhere, but indeed these boy experiences about these experiences will be that we live with we make changes with, zero we can idealize anyone with. d has its defects, its qualities … perhaps what happened this week does not represent my son “.

” My son was definitely wrong “, said security scam, although he justified it under an allegation that sony ericsson learns about mistakes because it helps to make the necessary changes.

“Zero I need perfect children, I need children that I learned are wrong because this Of uma that my son ocean perfect m loses with I lose, we lose the 2, I as a mother to show him a path with you that he believes is perfect when sony ericsson is perfect zero will never fight, zero will make changes in his life, It will be a master of science of the fold “, express.

The controversy generated that even a vice president on Colombia, Martha Luca Ramrez, this chancellor on that country learned alarmed by a lyrical content with visual about” Bitch “.