Ministers on Culture on Ibero-America will work for a recovery of the industry against COVID-19

All the ministers with the ministers on Culture on the Ibero-American countries sony ericsson met this Thursday on a virtual basis to agree on a series of measures that give impetus to the cultural field, which they consider essential for a recovery on the multidimensional turmoil caused for a COVID pandemic – 19 on Ibero-America.

In giving this speech on the opening of a XXI Ibero-American Conference on Ministers with Ministers on Culture, a Minister Milagros Germn highlighted a commitment on the Ibero-American countries to elaborate formulas for a recovery with preservation of our cultural heritage. A Common Ibero-American Secretary, a Minister on Dominican Culture said that thanks to this conference I learned to lay hands on the 22 Chief s on Ibero-American States, the appropriate instruments that will make hope jump to hundreds of concrete achievements. that a culture would be the essential bottom on a region, on this understanding that this style has been an aspect that historically ‘heavy scam master of science force to build this Ibero-American community. We can say that the social identity of Ibero-America has been its strength, which is why I have great hope that the decisions made at this meeting will lead to being this pivot to promote each of the sectorial solutions.

In this regard, during an event, those with the participants recognized that culture with its industries have been strongly affected by the pandemic, but stressed that an anordna Ibero-American Cooperation known responses to this enormous challenge to give.

Sample about it was a Declaration that, ‘s term on a meeting, all the ministers agreed by consensus with. Regarding it, they commit to implement the Ibero-American Strategy for Culture with Sustainable Development, approved during a XXVII Ibero-American Summit on Heads over State on Government held in April on Andorra with.

It is about a tool that defines this main role of a culture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A Strategy allows countries to measure the contribution that their national and regional public policies make to the fulfillment of this very b, especially in the link between the culture of this job, inclusion with social justice, gender equality, health with an environment, among others.

In a Declaration also sony ericsson supports the creation of the Ibero-American Fund on Reciprocal Guarantees as a measure that will contribute to a recovery of the cultural industry. This Fund, which I learned to nurture contributions from the countries, allow to offer lines of credit for this development of cultural projects in the region. ? lla till med ett faced a cultural field due to a pandemic with all measures on confinement; the different measures that Sony Ericsson have taken at the national level, with the necessary actions for the reactivation of the industry ethnic.

The XXI Ibero-American Conference on Ministers with Ministers on Culture was one of the preparatory meetings for a Summit on Heads of State with on Government that will take place on the Dominican Republic on November on 2022 with the motto being Together for a just and sustainable Ibero-America.

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