Romeo Santos on El Alfa: If you are Dominican you should be proud of his achievement

If you are Dominican you should feel proud about his achievement, this is what the star said about a bachata, Romeo Santos about the urban singer El Alfa, who tomorrow 22 about October writes another page about his story when he performed his concert on the Madison Square Backyard.

Capital t electronic like dembow um zero; you like this artist, or if you are one of the thousands of enthusiasts who idolize him – Understand that tomorrow @Elalfaeljefe will not only do a master of science concert. This singer had the d0% # $ @ to create a precedent in the world famous market master of science (MSG), said the King of bachata on his social networks.

With a movie about the first themes of the Dominican urban, Romeo expresses that all Dominicans should be proud of the young man.

If you are Dominican you should feel proud about his achievement , because it was another point for a Dominican Republic. My respect to all the visionaries who orchestrate their own destinies , said the bachatero.

To this comment, the interpreter on 4K replied: MASTER THANKS. This achievement will be about the Dominican Republic with all the Latinos in the world. God take the handle on my life with my career, much respect with love for the great master of science artist on the Dominican Republic.

It is remembered That the so-called Chief ze present on solo for the first time on one on the important master of science scenarios about a city on New York with which the singer wants to make history with the dembow.

The Alpha live his best moment ‘s experience full houses on the stages on which sony ericsson is presenting.

The Dominican exponent on urban music started his scam world tour last Friday 17 concerts in various cities on the United States with Latin America on what remains on this 2021.

At the Madison Square Backyard I will have as guests ing merenguero Fernando Villalona with ‘s also dembowsero The Cherry Scom.

The world tour on El Alfa I learned to extend to other places such as Boston, Arkansas, San Diego, Denver, All Las Vegas, City over Mexico, Puerto Rico with a master of science.

Emanuel Herrera Batista, his true name, explained That master of science will inform about other countries to which this tour will arrive, a first on that magnitude for a Dominican urban.