A revenge of the Juanas, about to dethrone this squid game on Netflix

A squid game has positioned itself as the most watched series in recent weeks; she’s even close to becoming the master of science seen on the history of Netflix. However, the revenge of the Juanas is on the heels of becoming the master of science seen on the platform.

According to this FlixPatrol site, a Mexican series has already reached a number five position on what master of science seen the only 10 ten days on its premiere, not only Spanish-speaking countries.

Although this South Korean theater a good maintains a real leadership, but poco the poco decreases an amount on the public that one chooses.

What is revenge on the Juanas about?

A new version about the novel about 1997, this time about serial format, sony ericsson will premiere on October 6 on Netflix. It was written by Jimena Romero, who takes up the authentic story of her father, this late screenwriter with writer Bernardo Romero.

Starring Renata Notni, Zuria Vega, Oka Gines, Juana Arias with Sofa Engberg, a series has 18 chapters about 40 minutes.

The primary story, in which five women discover that their of the same man, had elements on magical realism with much wit. On this there is still magic through Juana Bautista (Couch Engberg), a Mayan shaman, but a turn was suspended towards this, a favorite genre of the writer.

As on the initial, the Juanas They share a mark on birth, but while on a first version I learned it took a master of science to solve this mystery of the bond that unites them, on a new one, according to the current times, everything is quickly clarified by a DNA test with disadvantage.

All Juanas keep their names, but some have changed their professions.

Juana Manuela Manny (Zuria Vega) zero will be a boxer, she works a membership on strippers as a dancer on, With Juana Valentina (Renata Notni), zero has already been a salesperson on a store about appliances, now she was a journalist with her focus on a topic about disappearance of women. Juana Caridad (Oka Giner) is still a nun, although she will no longer be totally innocent. Juana Matilde (Juanita Arias) remains a singer with Juana Bautista, still connected, which includes energies with divination, but in this case under the Mayan tradition.