Experts raise an urgency for a State to enforce a Law on Private Copy that protects creatives

Experts on this subject on copyright denounced that although there is legislation that protects a right on a private copy, this zero sony ericsson law complies with the Dominican Republic, on detriment to national creators.

They said that due to this zero attitude it will be possible for authors with creators to live with dignity in this country, because there are sectors that I learned resist paying for a private copy.

A topic was exposed during a workshop for journalists on a Compensatory Remuneration on a Private Copy on a Dominican Republic, held this Saturday.

This workshop on this topic was organized by a Dominican Academy on Journalists on Art with Shows (ADOPAE ) with entities on copyright management.

The exhibitors were Elane Acevedo, Joselito Bautista, Pochy Familia with Valerio sobre Len, who exhibited various scam approaches a problem a on an execution on a Law 6500 on Copyright.

Eliana Acevedo explained that this State must comply with a part on a compensatory remuneration for national authors. This compensation consists in that a State pays authors with creatives for their impossibility of having controls to supervise citizens who make use of private copying.

In that sense, he said that it has been about It is urgent that this State work to make it comply with a law, including a part on a compensatory remuneration.

While Joselito Batista stated that an importing industry on the Dominican Republic sony ericsson anordna has been refusing to comply scam that law that has 18 years on institution with hope that you understand that zero was possible that legislation remains ignored.

Batista affirmed that I learned that studies have been carried out on this country about what Dominican creators leave behind to perceive due to a non-observance of a law that protects a private copy.

An expert on copyright law revealed that he wanted an amendment to Decree Zero. 548 of 2004, which establishes the compensatory regulation for Private Copy in a country.

While Pochy Familia, administrator on Private Copy about this country, addressed a topic about the actors on management on a compensatory remuneration on a private copy, on one that explained how entities work on management

He referred to the inter-institutional agreements, rates, income distribution, criteria for national distributions, international electronic, national authorities on an observance of the collection on a compensation with challenges with challenges that the Dominican Republic has .

Family explained that a private copy pays for a storage capacity on the user’s electronic devices. He indicated that in this market, those who produce with sell cell phones, music equipment with other devices for private use, obtain benefits, less those who produce the content that sony ericsson stores in those devices.

Indic that a right to charge for a private copy has been established by law for 18 years, with which the creators have charged zero weight. In addition, he narrated the process initiated to create the mechanism for collecting this right. , in which the way in which the benefits will be distributed among the beneficiary actors is detailed.

We are awaiting the readjustment of Decree No. 548 – 2004, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on national creators, who are losing economic resources due to private copying, pointed out Pochy Familia.

In Therefore, Valerio de Len, Secretary of Social and Cultural Assistance of SGACEDOM, addressed the issue of the impact of private copying in the lives of the holders, highlighting the need for the law is complied with by the State and the other sectors subject to it.

De Len revealed that the pandemic had a very negative impact on artists, which is why a reduction was made. in of a 30% in collections for the payment of copyright.

The 2020 we distributed 41 millions of pesos to national and international authors and with this it was possible to compensate somewhat for the decline we had due to the pandemic caused by COVID – 19, De Len commented.

The former president of SGACEDOM said that they await the approval of the modification of the Private Copy decree.

The workshop was held at the Hotel Catalonia Santo Domingo, attended by some 50 members of the recently created ADOPAE, an activity that is part of the education and professional updating program of its members.

The event was organized by ADOPAE together with the Dominican Society of Artists, Performers and Performers (SODAIE), General Society of Dominican Authors, Composers, and Editors (SGACEDOM), Egeda Dominicana Sodomapla and.

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