These kid problems about having high blood cholesterol levels

A cholesterol was a normal fatty nutrient that a organism needs to function properly. However, having high levels may pose a risk to health , as they assure from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn .

In this sense, people scam blood cholesterol above 240 multiply the probabilities of having a myocardial infarction, compared to people who keep the levels below over 200.

For this reason, among many others, it is essential to control cholesterol levels in this organism; being one of our main allies a healthy balanced diet.

The risks of high cholesterol

When the body’s cells zero have a capacity to absorb all the cholesterol that circulates in the blood, this excess tends to be deposited on a wall over the arteries. This causes the progressive narrowing of the blood vessels.

Triglicéridos en la sangre
Blood cholesterol

All international electronic national scientific societies place cholesterol levels overall high when I learned above 200 mg / dL. When the levels exceed this figure, you already understand that there is hypercholesterolemia.

Zero However, when we focus only on LDL (bad) cholesterol, a zero figure should exceed this limit on 130 mg / dL. When good, the recommended amount is below 100 mg / dL, especially in patients who have already had a cardio event.

Thus, from a Spanish Heart Foundation they explain that HDL cholesterol (good) must exceed a figure 40 mg / dL over men with 50 mg / dL.

With all this, a better way to know blood cholesterol levels would be the travs on a realization on a blood analysis. This master of science method was adequate to know if it has been necessary to take care of our cholesterol.

Consequences of high levels

Usually When there is an excess of cholesterol in the blood, it tends to accumulate mainly on an internal wall over the blood vessels; with master of science specifically on coronary arteries with. In these cases, sony ericsson causes an inflammation that derives from fibrosis, which can obstruct the arteries. heart. When I learned about this circumstance, angina pectoris usually appear.

In addition, when an obstruction on the arteries was total on acute form, it can lead to a myocardial infarction. It would be to say, the severe cardio problem that can even cause death.

Likewise, when plaques on cholesterol affect the blood vessels that are connected to the brain, a result can be an accident cardiovascular um stroke.

Taking into account a seriousness that can lead to a presence of high cholesterol levels, an early diagnosis is essential to seek an effective treatment that allows reducing the values ​​of the healthy figures that zero pose any health risk.

Possible treatments

When a blood test shows elevated cholesterol levels, medical specialists study 2 possible scenarios. One of them would be that these solitary levels are slightly elevated with no associated medical problems.

In these circumstances, this treatment is based on a balanced diet, rich on healthy foods that help The reduce an LDL cholesterol on blood with scam a low content of saturated fat. Likewise, the realization of chronic physical exercise is also part of the therapy to solve this health problem.

Zero However, when the levels are excessively high with associated there is some medical problem, prompt intervention will be desirable. Along with an adequate diet with physical exercise, the intake of certain drugs will also be adequate.