RedRoad V17 is the best emerging smart home appliance in the market

RedRoad: ‘The Dream Team’ in the smart home appliance industry

RedRoad is an emerging smart home appliance provider from Asia. The rocketing brand is lead by a dream team with diverse areas of expertise, extensive experience, and close cooperation.

At the center of the team are twelve experts from different sections of the whole industry chain including industrial design, R&D, supply and marketing chain integration, production, quality control, marketing, etc. Through seamless cooperation, the RedRoad team develops innovative appliances that keeps the house clean and comfy.

A good project at RedRoad starts with a product definition meeting called by the product manager based on customer and market needs, which involves experts from different sections of the industry chain. The product definition is then handed to IDMD engineers to actualize the look and structure design. The design, both satisfactory to the customers and feasible for mass production, comes down to a drawing. The prototype manufactured accordingly will undertake repetitive tests designed to eliminate problems. The optimized plan then goes to the tooling engineers to prepare the molds. Meanwhile, quality control and engineering experts will design the BOM (bill of materials). Before the whole process ends, it still requires the work of experts in the supply chain, production, and quality control.

Each member of the RedRoad team has 10 to 20 years of experience in the home appliance industry. There are young experts in design, electronic control engineering, product architecture, and quality control, and also an elder project director who has been specializing in the vacuum cleaner industry for 28 years. Based on strong customer empathy, the RedRoad team keeps on delivering competitive products with cutting-edge technologies, fine material, and advanced processing.

The project manager of has been involved in vacuum cleaner projects that yield 50 million items in total, which equals 4 months of the whole world’s production. If we line up the boxes of 50 million vacuum cleaners, we can circle the equator of earth 8 times. He has led the design and R&D of more than 100 models of vacuum cleaners and other home appliances. One model he developed for a North American brand is a world record keeper as the best seller in the category for 12 consecutive years.

The two R&D directors of RedRoad are accountable for more than 1,000 patents. The chief ID designer once led the design for a world top bicycle brand and was awarded by the brand’s global design committee. For his achievements, he’s named one of the top ten young Chinese designers worldwide. RedRoad also invited three PhDs from the University of British Columbia to develop AI applications.

70% of all vacuum cleaners in the world are produced in Suzhou, China. And among the top 15 chief technical engineers in China, 3 are based in the RedRoad R&D center in Suzhou. Suffice it to say, RedRoad has a top-level talent pool.

Over the past several years, RedRoad has won the most important industrial design awards including IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), CMF DESIGN AWARD, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, G-Mark Award, etc.

‘The dream team’ in the smart home appliance industry, RedRoad is well worth the name.