Argentina Creates Document for Non-Binary People, President’s Son Becomes Symbol of Change – 07/22/21 – World

A day after the officialization of Argentinian identity documents with the possibility of incorporating non-binary documents, the son of President Alberto Fernández, Estanislao, declared that he was going to change his DNI (local ID). “I don’t think of myself as a man, I see myself as a non-binary person,” the 26-year-old said via his Instagram account.

In addition, he requested that his name no longer be Estanislao, but Dyzhy, since he is already known as a cosplayer and DJ.

“People need to deconstruct themselves for these themes to be naturalized. Obviously there are still bad people: transphobes and homophobes,” Dyhzy said. “We continue to conquer the rights. No demotion will stop us,” he added.

The new rule allows people who do not identify with the female and male categories to opt for the “x” option, both in the DNI and in the passport.

Argentina thus became the first Latin American country to offer this option. “The state should not care about the gender of its citizens. There are identities other than men and women that must be respected,” said the Argentine representative at the ceremony which celebrated the entry into the country. force of the rule, at the Bicentennial Museum, at the Casa Rose.

Fernández said the measure is “just one step” in a process that will end when “no one else is asked if it’s a man, a woman or whatever. It is ideal that we have to reach, ”he said. He was accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Wado de Pedro, and the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta.

Other countries that recognize gender identity documents outside of male and female include Canada, Australia, Germany and India, in addition to some US states.

In Uruguay, a bill is pending in Congress to regulate this right.

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