A few days before the opening, the “preoccupation” of the Games arrives at the Japanese NHK – 07/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Japanese state network NHK highlighted the cases of Covid-19 in the Olympic Village and how “foreign media is expressing concern about the opening” on Friday (23). This at a time when the infection is accelerating in Tokyo and “the rapid spread cannot be stopped”.

The New York Times went beyond the concern and titled the article “May the Games … End?” on its home page, questioning its very existence, with an illustration of the collapsing torch (below). In the Wall Street Journal, “Covid issues pile up as athletes arrive.”

And the Chinese Guancha demanded that part of the Japanese team “avoid staying in the Olympic village”, quoting the Japanese news agency Kyodo.


In the headlines of the NYT and the Wall Street Journal throughout Sunday, the feuds started Thursday (15) between Joe Biden and Mark Zuckerberg continued, with “the increasingly resentful public back and forth between the two parties “in” a rhetorical escalation “.

US President accuses Facebook and other platforms of “killing people” with anti-vaccination messages – which the White House says are focused on 12 users, who “produce 65% anti-vaccination misinformation” on the networks social, citing data from the organization Center to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH).


With Americans avoiding getting vaccinated, Covid-19 cases “are increasing by nearly 70% in the United States,” the Washington Post says on the homepage, and Los Angeles is resuming the mask requirement, notes the NYT.

Meanwhile, in an order from AFP, “the European Union overtakes the United States in vaccination rates.” Canada too, adds the NYT.

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