France allows entry of fully vaccinated Brazilian tourists – 07/17/2021 – Worldwide

France announced this Saturday (17) that the entry of tourists totally immune to Covid-19 is free, regardless of the country of origin. With this, Brazilian travelers will also be able to travel to the country.

Only people who have received doses of vaccines approved by the European Health Agency will be accepted: those of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer or Janssen. In addition, there is a seven day wait between the second dose and travel, or 28 days if the Janssen vaccine is applied, in a single dose.

According to Caroline Putnoki, director for South America at À Tout France, the country’s official tourism development agency, it will be necessary to present the vaccination certificate and a declaration that the traveler has no symptoms or has had contact with people with Covid.

Details on how foreigners will be able to issue the “sanitary pass” to attend places of culture and recreation, as well as how to control children’s movements, have not yet been announced.

Before moving, passengers from Brazil could only enter the country if they had a valid reason, such as family reunification or residence in France.

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