This is not a trip to space, says Neil Tyson on CNN, but it is valid for tourists – 11/7/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On the vaunted robbery of Virgin businessman Richard Branson, presenter Fareed Zakaria asked astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who took Carl Sagan’s place in popular science, on CNN: “Is- is this really a space trip for you? “

Down to the left, Tyson paused and let out, with a laugh he couldn’t contain, “No! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. First of all, it’s suborbital.” Then he added that it was important, in any case, for tourism.

The departure of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Le Monde et al has been tortuous, speaking of “the edge of space” or “to the frontiers of space”. In the WSJ and FT appeals, “Branson reaches the edge of space” or “touches the edge of space”. In the French newspaper, “Branson flies at the borders of space”.

The NYT used the phrase when opening the text, preferring to call something simpler home, “Branson completes Virgin flight, seeking to open space tourism.”

Russian financier Kommersant quipped: “The billionaire said the billionaire had flown”, stressing that he was suborbital.


Kommersant and other Russians, as well as Germans like FAZ, were more attentive to the talk between CEO of Nord Stream 2 and financial firm Handelsblatt, headline announcing that the gas pipeline connecting Russia and the Germany would be ready in August. .

Matthias Warnig said he has no doubts that the first Nord Stream, which passes through Ukraine, will be maintained in the distribution of Russian gas to Europe. Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Vladimir Putin are meeting this week.


On Ukraine sidelined by the United States, which has decided to no longer block Nord Stream 2, the South China Morning Post captioned that Beijing and Kiev have signed “a new infrastructure deal , a surprise for geopolitical observers “.

China and Ukraine “will work together on roads, ports and railways”.


And the Chinese financier Caixin reported that the Fosun Pharma laboratory in Shanghai has signed a contract to supply ten million doses of the vaccine created by the German company Biontech to the Taiwanese company TSMC, which will transfer them to the local government, which is experiencing a vague Covid-19 crisis.

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