Suspected of having killed the Haitian president arrested, according to the vice-minister of Communications – 07/07/2021 – World

The alleged murderers of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, 53, were arrested this Wednesday evening (7), announced on his social network the Deputy Minister of Communications, Frantz Exantus. He said the suspects were on the run and more information would be released.

Moise was shot dead by a group of assailants in his private residence in the early hours of Wednesday, Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph said in a statement, which called the affair “a heinous, inhuman and barbaric act. “.

According to the Prime Minister, Moïse’s wife, Martine, 47, was also shot and is receiving medical treatment. Haiti’s Ambassador to the United States, Bocchit Edmond, said earlier in the afternoon that the first lady was in critical condition and had been transferred to Miami for treatment.

Without giving further details, Joseph’s statement also indicated that some of the invaders spoke Spanish, which would indicate that they are not Haitians – the country’s official languages ​​are French and Creole.

Haiti’s ambassador to the United States even claimed, in an interview with British newspaper The Guardian, that the killers who broke into Moses’ house claimed to be members of the US Anti-Drug Agency (DEA, his acronym in English). “It was a well-orchestrated attack. They [os agressores] told people who came as part of a DEA operation. “

Later, at a press conference, Ned Price, spokesperson for the US State Department responsible for US diplomacy, said the accusations were “absolutely false.”

The country is now ruled by the acting prime minister, as he said in an interview with the American newspaper The New York Times – the president of the country’s Supreme Court would be the name to fill the void, but the last incumbent, René Sylvestre, was the last to die. last month, victim of Covid-19.

After a cabinet meeting with other members of the government, the Prime Minister declared a state of siege, which gives even more powers to the Executive in the country where the Legislature saw its functions practically canceled by Moise. The authoritarian leader has governed by decree since last year, after suspending two-thirds of the Senate, the entire Chamber of Deputies and all mayors.

Joseph also called on the international community to investigate the assassination of the president and on the United Nations (UN) to convene a meeting of the Security Council. According to information from the AFP news agency, the agency will meet, at the request of the United States and Mexico, urgently Thursday (8) to discuss the Haitian situation. Brazil is on the council, as a rotating member.

The attack on Moise came amid a growing wave of violence linked to the country’s political crisis. With Haiti deeply polarized and facing a humanitarian crisis and food shortages, there are fears of widespread disorder.

Earlier this morning, gunshots were reported across the capital, Port-au-Prince, and early in the morning, security forces put in place a system to control the movement of people on the streets. According to the Reuters news agency, the city’s international airport has been closed and the neighboring Dominican Republic has ordered a blockade of the border it shares with the country.

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