In fall, Bolsonaro threatens election, but US “isn’t paying attention” – 07/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Before Datafolha’s release, overseas coverage was already critical for the Brazilian president, with new editions of Der Spiegel, in Germany, and The Economist, in England, highlighting the impact of the new accusations and the rise in power of Lula.

And, at first, “the threat of not recognizing the 2022 results”.

In the United States, there are the first warnings, like the MSNBC site of Rachel Maddow, saying that the “Trump of the Tropics” threatens to repeat what the then American president tried until January, to deny defeat. .

But not by The New York Times and other benchmarks.

Comment from Brian Winter, Vice President of the Americas Society / Council of the Americas, New York and Washington, Latin America:

“Bolsonaro is now threatening not to hold an election in 2022. If the world still isn’t paying attention, it should.”


On the 2nd, amid escalating threats, the Brazilian President and three General Ministers held talks with CIA Director William Burns (below, center), as reported by Abin Director ( Brazilian Intelligence Agency), Alexandre Ramagem:

No trace of Burns’ visit could be found in the American press.

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