United States must reduce the use of “sanctions as weapons” around the world – 07/06/2021 – Nelson de Sá

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Joe Biden should moderate US use of sanctions as weapons, officials say.”

A review demanded by the almost ready new US government concludes that they “have succeeded in pushing Iran and Venezuela into economic contractions, but the pressure has not produced substantial changes from opponents.”

According to the newspaper, sanctions have started to be lifted “in recent weeks” in isolated cases in both countries. And in the future, they would be coordinated with the Europeans and others that Biden wants as allies.


The Intercept website reported and Bloomberg confirmed that part of Venezuela’s payments to Covax had been refused by banks, alleging sanctions imposed by the United States, and as a result, it is now “the only country to ‘South America that did not receive’ vaccines from the Organization’s consortium. World Cup of Health.

The Venezuelan government started using Cuban Abdala vaccine over the weekend, but medical organizations across the country have started “to urge people not to take it.”


Samantha Power, who heads the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), announced on social media that Washington has shipped vaccines via Covax to Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – and is expected to ship them to Paraguay and elsewhere.

Honduras and Paraguay had threatened to exchange diplomatic relations with Taiwan, a priority for the Biden government, for Chinese vaccines.

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