Pfizer’s efficiency drops from 94% to 64% against delta, point out WSJ and FT – 07/06/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Business newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times state at the top of their homepages that “Pfizer is less effective against the delta variant.” Bloomberg too.

Specifically, in FT’s most widely read text throughout the day, “data from an Israeli study suggests 64% containment of infection among fully inoculated people.”

And at the WSJ, “the vaccine protected 64% of people inoculated during an outbreak of the delta variant of the infection, up from 94% previously, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health.”

On the other hand, although it has declined, the vaccine remains very effective, at 93%, in preventing severe symptoms and death.

The news was reported on Tel Aviv’s Yedioth Ahronot website, which later added that “the health ministry confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine was only 64% effective in preventing infections.” Its climax now is that “Israel surpasses 500 Covid cases for the first time in months.”

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