Merkel and Macron return to search for Xi Jinping, despite pressure from Biden – 04/07/2021 – Nelson de Sá

After the centenary of the Chinese PC and the American diplomatic offensive against China in Europe, Bloomberg reports that Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are preparing a new video summit with Xi Jinping for this week.

Quoting “people knowing the subject”, he indicates that the objective is to reduce “the tensions between Europe and the second world economy”. The French president would, for example, be “eager to give new impetus to the interests of Airbus”.

In the same vein, the South China Morning Post pointed out that, speaking at Tsinghua University on Sunday, the European Union ambassador “called on Beijing to review the sanctions against European lawmakers, a step to clear the political space ”- and facilitate the passage agreement- European investment closed months ago.


Tagesschau, the news broadcast by the German public network ARD (above, with a picture of Rio), the Financial Times, the South China Morning Post and others highlighted Saturday’s protests in Brazil.

In the New York Times, “Vaccine scandal threatens Jair Bolsonaro, protests spread,” noting that outrage at “the boldness and scale of the ploy” shown in the CPI “has drawn tens of thousands of people in the third great wave of protests “.

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