Folha playlist: Chinese Communist Party celebrates 100 years – 04/07/2021 – Worldwide

The centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, celebrated last Thursday (1), is an opportunity to learn about the power structures of the Asian country and the fine lines that separate the acronym led by Xi Jinping and the Chinese state machine . Brazil’s leading trading partner, China is still, for a large part of the Brazilian population, a nation whose characteristics are little known.

In the articles that are part of this “playlist”, a new format for curating Folha content, various aspects of the party are discussed, from the beaba on how the subtitle and the country’s government work to older reports, such as over-coverage of the site in the country that the newspaper made of the death of Deng Xiaoping, responsible for implementing the reforms that opened up China economically.


Folha playlists will always bring a list of selected news on a special topic, published at different times and sections; see the texts that are part of this curatorship:

Understanding how the Century-old Communist Party controls the state and power in China Visionary, vengeful or mediocre leaders shaped the 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party In 1997, Folha followed the death of Deng Xiaoping; procession attracted 100,000 Understanding the Cultural Revolution, a movement that spreads fear and still marks the history of China Cradle of experimentation, Chongqing helps to understand the direction of China In an infographic, understand how China forbids the criticism of government, violence and sex on the Internet First correspondent da Folha in China, in the 1980s, reported the opening of a 100 million dollar line of credit from Brazil to the Asian country In the 2000s, Folha showed how China is investing in tourism to control Tibetans. uses the heavy hand of state and public funds to make companies create jobs and lift millions of people out of poverty

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