Three Americans and two Chinese take 46% of global advertising – 02/07/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The data emerged in the middle of the This Year, Next Year study by GroupM of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company.

The top five ad sellers last year, the platforms Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Bytedance (from TikTok) and Amazon, generated ad revenue of $ 296 billion, or 46% of the global total.

“One of the main trends mapped by GroupM is the rise of Chinese technology companies,” media site PressGazette said, projecting that the duopoly of Google and Facebook, still the leaders, is becoming a “quintopoly” ( above).

In five years, Alibaba has tripled its ads, Bytedance has gone from $ 1 billion to $ 28 billion, and newcomers Pinduoduo and Kuaishou have gone from nowhere to the Top 25.

More importantly, according to the study itself, “Ten years earlier, the Top 5 included Google, Viacom / CBS, News / Fox, Comcast and Disney, which totaled $ 70 billion in advertising, or 17% of the total. world that year ”.

The concentration is much greater now and it has spread across the world. GroupM points out that in 2010 the competition was mostly for ad spend in the United States, with the exception of Google, which was already showing itself globally, and in 2020 it grew by hundreds of markets.

And there was not much left for the media, as Jane Singer, professor of journalism at the University of London points out: “Five tech giants, three based in the United States and two in China, now represent close to the half of the world’s advertising revenue.

Then came another study, from consultancy firm Lazard, showing the movement of media and journalistic organizations (above) to see advertising being swallowed up by platforms.

“Over the past decade, digitally signed consumer businesses have grown far beyond their earliest media roots,” the report begins, illustrating the beginnings, with The Wall Street Journal in the 1990s, then jumps with Netflix in 2007 and with the New York Times in 2011, until the big jam now.

In short, “the future of media – and much more in our world – is all about subscriptions.”



On the Substack platform, the Persuasion newsletter (above) attacks the hypocrisy of the NYT, which fired reporter Donald McNeil Jr. for quoting a racist word while answering a student question about the word itself. even. Months later, with NYT’s coverage of the pandemic, McNeil included, running for the Pulitzer, the newspaper wrote to the organization to say he had not been racist – and won the award.

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