Chinese Internet Bars Criticize Government, Violence, and Sex; understand how – 02/07/2021 – World

In China, you cannot use the internet to disparage the government, see sexy pictures, or play games of chance. To prevent this, the Chinese government has created a series of digital blocking laws and tools as part of a policy that has been improving since the 1990s.

Businesses operating in the country’s digital marketplace are forced to monitor and restrict user activities or lose the right to operate. And citizens who break the rules can be fined and jailed.

Teacher teaches elementary school students in Baoji, northwest China – Liu Xiao – Mar 25, 21 / Xinhua

Internet control is part of the Communist Party’s censorship policy, which also prohibits the flow of news and information that the government is not happy with or that it believes could cause problems for society. The following infographic explains how this control works, nicknamed the “Great Firewall” in reference to the Great Wall of China.

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