Xi’s “Warning” echoes in Chinese social media and US press – 07/01/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Nationalist Global Times / Huanqiu editor-in-chief in Beijing, Hu Xijin, reported that a phrase by PC secretary general Xi JInping in the party’s centenary speech was at the forefront of China’s social media problems. .

In the short version, “Anyone who dares to intimidate China will be crushed. It is part of the biggest, most applauded passage in Tiananmen Square:

“China has never oppressed or will oppress anyone. The Chinese people will never allow forces that foreign forces oppress or enslave us. China has never oppressed or will oppress anyone. ‘will never allow the forces which foreign forces will oppress or enslave whoever wants to will break their heads and spill their blood on the Great Wall of steel, forged by the flesh and blood of 1.4 billion people. “


In the United States, the New York Times reported with the so-called “centenary of the milestone party, Xi warns that China will not be intimidated.” And the Wall Street Journal, “Xi warns China will not be intimidated as the Communist Party turns 100. “

The Washington Post and the Financial Times have since before the speech been highlighting the backstage of the US military – with satellite imagery that “may signal the expansion of Chinese nuclear capabilities” and supposed “war games” from. the US Japanese Army in the South and East Seas from China.

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