The ‘vaccine lottery’ awards millionaire prizes to encourage vaccination in Poland – 27/05/2021 – Worldwide

How much is the vaccination worth? In Poland, this can be worth up to 2 million zlotys (almost R $ 3 million) for the municipality which achieves the highest vaccination rate in the country and 1 million zlotys (around R $ 145 million) for the two people vaccinated the correct tickets in the “vaccine lottery” – to compete you must be up to date with anti-Covid-19 defenses.

Prices are a government strategy to accelerate its vaccination campaign, which until Thursday (27) had inoculated the two doses to 19.5% of the population. Another 22.8% received their first injection, according to data from the European Center for Disease Control. Of the 30 accompanying countries, Poland is 15th.

In the lottery, in addition to the main prize, there will be two draws of around R $ 145,000 per month, and 2,000 people can receive the equivalent of R $ 750 reais – each immune person can participate four times. A hybrid car, electric scooters, gas vouchers and insurance vouchers are also among the gifts drawn from those who stick to their vaccination schedule.

For municipal governments, in addition to the grand prize, there are 49 quotas of 1 million zloty for the city that leads the vaccination rate in their region, and the first 500 municipalities that inoculate 75% of its population will receive 100,000 zlotyz ( approximately R 143 thousand dollars). Poland has 2,478 municipalities.

Depending on its size, the city can also request funds ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 zlotys (R $ 15,000 to R $ 60,000) for actions aimed at the elderly.

The lottery and prizes will cost the government the equivalent of 200 million reais, according to the country’s immunization official, Michał Dworczyk. “It’s a lot of money, but it’s money to deal with the pandemic as quickly as possible. We believe that interest in vaccination will increase, ”he said.

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