Harvard awards Sebastião Salgado the honorary title of Doctor of Art – 05/27/2021 – Worldwide

One of the best in the world, Harvard University (USA) has awarded Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado the honorary title of Doctor of Art, along with six other highlights in different fields.

A graduate in economics, Salgado has been a photographer since 1973, with several published works and exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. This year he was honored by the World Economic Forum with the Crystal Award for his leadership in addressing equality and sustainability issues.

Salgado has spent much of the past seven years photographing the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Folha follows the travels of the Brazilian photographer, reported in the reports of the series “Sebastião Salgado na Amazônia”.

In this year’s promotion, the photographer, who now lives in France, appears alongside big names in their field. Still in art, the American University awarded Anna Deavere Smith, actress, playwright, author and educator, for having created a new approach to theater.

In her work, she combines three skills: that of a journalist, when she conducts interviews, that of a playwright, when she transforms these conversations into plays, and that of an artist, to bring these to life. pieces, explains the university in the press release of which it publishes the honored ones.

In science, the title went to the 2018 Nobel laureate in chemistry, Frances Hamilton. His study “directed evolution” has led to new ways of making fuels, pharmaceuticals and other substances that do not harm the environment.

The other members of the 2021 class, honored at a ceremony on Tuesday (27), were recognized as doctors of law, but work in different fields. Martin Baron, former editor of the Washington Post, headed several newspapers during his 40-plus-year career and, according to Harvard, is “a strong advocate of the vital role of the press in empowering powerful institutions and contributing to the vitality of a democratic society “.

Also recognized were Arlie Russell Hochschild, pioneering researcher and professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California; Salman Amin Khan, educator and entrepreneur, founder of Khan Academy, an organization dedicated to democratizing high quality online education around the world; and Margaret Hilary Marshall, former president of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, who was the first woman to hold the post.

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