Germany move closer to UK to contain Indian variant lead – 23/05/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Opening the weekend, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt and other Germans pointed out that the UK is now a “virus variant zone”, with British entry into Germany “strictly limited”.

He also appeared at the head of the New York Times, “Germany vetoing most who travel from the UK”. The problem is “the variant first discovered in India”, where it was responsible for the “second devastating wave”.

And Britain’s The Observer revealed that the country’s government “tried to block data on the spread of the variant in English schools.” Along with the image below, on a school poster, the newspaper reported that, according to the documents, the prime minister “was directly involved in the decision not to disclose.”

After the German decision to restrict entry, the British government released a report saying the most widely used vaccine in the country, by Britain’s AstraZeneca, “works well against the variant found in India”, in a call from the British Financial Times.

The FT, just before, had already spotted an interview with the president of AstraZeneca, advancing part of the report and criticizing the European Union for no longer wanting to buy the vaccine from the company. “There are a lot of countries in the world that you want,” he said.

He also confirmed, as the EU denounced, that “the UK government had priority in procurement, under the deal with Oxford, before AstraZeneca became a partner”.


According to Nikkei, the Japanese government “suspended” production of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the country just as it was about to start, after emergency approval, and it now finds itself in a “regulatory deadlock”. In short, “the fate of 120 million doses of the vaccine remains in suspense”.

In the United States, to date, the immunizer has not received approval.


The UK Sunday Times pointed out that Dominic Cummings, who was Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior assistant, accused the government of adopting a “secret herd immunity policy” against Covid until “the day before the first locking”.

And he only abandoned it when he was told it would lead to “hundreds of thousands of suffocated deaths” in hospitals.


The NYT featured on the site and opened four photos on Sunday’s cover for “The Misery of Life Under Israeli Occupation”, with “Daily Indignities Against Palestinians.”

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, highlighted Sunday three young Palestinians during a demonstration in Jerusalem and the solidarity of “previously dispersed Palestinians.”

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