Covid breakthrough in Asia threatens Games in Japan, triggers vaccines in China – 05/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Tokyo’s leading medical association has called for the Olympic Games to be canceled, as Japanese newspapers and agencies have reported. And the governors of the region are threatening not to open hospital beds for athletes, giving priority to residents.

Asahi Shimbun pointed out that research conducted at the end of the week showed that “83% of Japanese people are against holding the Games this summer.” Those wishing to cancel (43%) or postpone (40%) increased. Only 14% want the event from July 23.

Since the “disaster” in India, the pandemic has spread across Asia, with attention now turning to Taiwan, in Nikkei vehicles at the Financial Times.

In the title of the most read of the first, “Taiwan Coronavirus Leap: What’s Wrong?” He replies that, first of all, it is about the relaxation of the quarantine for the crews of the largest Taiwanese airline, the state-owned China Airlines (picture above).

According to Chinese financier Caixin, in a podcast, the advance of Covid in the surrounding area, particularly in Taiwan, triggered the vaccination in China, which reached 14 million in a single day on Sunday – and this week it could reach a half a billion doses administered:

“How did things happen so quickly? The game changer was with news from places once considered safe. Taiwan and Singapore both announced the return of control measures. All of this coverage created a sense of emergency in people. “


At the New York Times home, next to the news on India, “Why is Covid killing so many children in Brazil?” He replied that “experts believe that the overburdened hospital system and unequal access to health care are among the reasons”.


Mexican Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard announced that the country had already reached 30 million vaccines, obtained from different countries, including China, Russia and the United States.

And next week, it starts in Mexico, as the South China Morning Post and others report, citing Ebrard, phase 3 testing with the Chinese mRNA vaccine, by pharmaceutical company Walvax. It is similar to that of Pfizer / Biontech.


US website Axios reported as a “scoop” (above) and immediately echoed Germans like Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the US will no longer impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline company. Almost ready, he will take gas from Russia to Vladimir Putin directly from Angela Merkel’s Germany.

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