Folha’s columnist course on psychedelics starts this Wednesday – 05/18/2021 – Science

The online course “History of Psychedelics for Medical Use and Demonization” starts this Wednesday (7pm) at 8pm via Zoom on the Bora Saber platform.

There will be four lectures by Marcelo Leite, a columnist for Folha and author of the recently published book “Psiconautas – Viagens com a Psicodélica Brasileira” (264 pages, R $ 69.90) by Editora Fósforo. Tickets for the course cost R $ 320.

The first class will study the history of psychedelics in medicine from the 1950s to its ban in several countries in the 1970s. The second presentation on the 26th will cover depression and experimental studies of treatment with substances like these as ayahuasca and psilocybin (mushrooms).

The third lecture (2/6) looks at the most advanced clinical research protocol using MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder, due to be approved in the US in 2023. Finally, the final grade (9/6) will have the subject of clinical trials with ibogaine, a drug of African origin that USP will soon be testing for the treatment of chemical addiction (crack / cocaine and alcohol).

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