Coverage is at the center of war operations once again – 5/14/2021 – Nelson de Sá

From the Chinese news channel CGTN to the Columbia Journalism Review, linked to the American university, the scene that marked the coverage of the first week of undeclared war in Gaza and Israel was from a live broadcast by Al Jazeera, the news channel from Qatar. .

In central Gaza City, journalist Youmna All Sayed was on top of a nearby building when the 14-story Al-Shorouk building, where seven newsrooms were located, was destroyed by missiles. She hid amid the explosions, but kept telling.

It is Wednesday (12), the same day that another 10-story building in Gaza, Al-Jawhara, was destroyed by missiles at dawn. There were 14 vehicles, according to the organization Reporters Without Borders. And there would have been deaths, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

According to RSF, which is based in Paris: “Palestinian journalists, who were already struggling to work under conditions imposed by the Israeli authorities, are once again on the front lines. They should under no circumstances be treated as if they were parties to the conflict ”.

New York-based CPJ said: “It is completely unacceptable that Israel bombs and destroys media offices and endangers the lives of journalists, especially since the Israeli authorities know the whereabouts of these media. “

The damage was done. In Youmna All Sayed’s own comment, highlighted by CJR: “Targeting a building with press offices is a clear message from the Israeli occupation that it does not want any media to say what is happening in the Gaza Strip. “


But perhaps the most significant episode this first week took place off-camera. The American Drudge Report noted at the top of Friday’s appeals, in red letters, “False moves by the Israel Defense Forces have led to a massive attack on Hamas.”

He referred to the English-speaking military spokesman’s tweet Thursday evening that “ground troops are attacking in Gaza Strip,” which led the New York Times, among others, to headline news: “Israel has sent military personnel in Gaza, on a large scale.

Two hours and 42 minutes later, the NYT corrected itself, sharing that the military “had clarified that its forces had engaged in fighting with Palestinian militants, but had not entered Gaza.” Once again, the damage has been done, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Highlighted by Drudge, the Israeli newspaper reported how the invasion of Gaza was suggested by the military themselves on the farm, and how “the foreign press jumped on the tweet, the media around the world,” but mostly ABC. In short:

“What happened was 160 planes were prepared for massive bombing. Its target was an underground network of tunnels that hid anti-tank missiles and mortar squads. Due to the news in the foreign media of a ground raid, Hamas and Islamic Jihad sent the first line of defense to take a stand. As soon as they left the tunnels, they were exposed to planes.

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