Mythology in the most spectacular mosaic ever discovered in the Roman Empire – Darwin and God

A tweet from an archaeologist I’m following just revealed the miracle above that I’m sharing with you: a 4th century AD mosaic found in 2005 at the Villa de Noheda near Cuenca in central Spain and totaled 300 square feet (or double my house).

Its owner was certainly a billionaire from the late Roman Empire who decided to decorate the floor of his banquet room with classic scenes from Greek mythology. Above we have the tale of Pélops, the hero who gave his name to the Peloponnese (southern Greece) and who faced his future father-in-law in a deadly chariot race.

There are also the traditional images of the Trojan War and a procession of the god Dionysus / Bacchus with centaurs, satyrs and other fantastic monsters.

After its restoration, the place has been open to visitors since 2019. More pictures – it’s worth it! – on this link.


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