“ The specter of inflation returns ”, trigger financial sites – 05/11/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Chinese financial magazine Caixin dedicates the cover of this week’s issue to inflation (below). In short: “The rise in commodity prices has triggered an increase in global inflation expectations. Will it eventually be passed on to the consumer market?”

It also made headlines for the day in the Wall Street Journal and several others around the world, with the stock market crashing and the general explanation that “inflation fears have spurred a return of volatility in stocks. markets ”.

The greatest fear concerns the United States, where “the highest inflation in eight years is expected”, in the nail of Korean Hankyung.

In the darker headline of Italian financial firm Il Sole 24 Ore, “The Specter of Inflation Returns”.

In contrast, in the German Handelsblatt, a director of the European Central Bank said that the institution expects inflation to rise in the short term, but sees no need for anti-inflationary measures.


Japan’s Asahi Shimbun has once again made headlines for criticizing the Olympics in less than three months, as the country now faces a growing wave of Covid-19 cases.

In today’s pandemic news, at the home of financier Nikkei, the city “of Osaka suffers 55 deaths, a record”.


After reaching 49 deaths in the United Kingdom, a country which now also limits its use by age groups, as reported by France Presse, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is considering giving up seeking emergency approval for its Covid vaccine in the United States. , according to the WSJ.

I would apply for the full license, in a “time consuming” process. The US government has said it will not even use the vaccine, which has already been produced and stored.


Germany’s Biontech, which created the vaccine developed and sold in several countries by Pfizer, including Brazil, has started forging partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies around the world.

In the largest to date, it will start producing with Chinese Fosun “1 billion doses per year of mRNA-based immunizers” in Shanghai, Caixin said.


In the middle of the usual coverage, the MSNBC presenter (above) turned to the former Israeli ambassador: “What do you have to say to the international community which does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem? -Is and says that what you do with families is it possible? A war crime? ”.

Ben Smith, a New York Times media columnist, shared and commented: “Very rare to see this on American television.”

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