Gaza strip targeted by new bombardment after missile launch on Israel – 12/05/2021 – Worldwide

The clash between Hamas and Israel continued on Wednesday (12) with new Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, from where the Islamic movement launched a wave of rockets against several Israeli cities, such as Tel Aviv.

After a night marked by a missile exchange between Hamas and Israel, the IDF said it had carried out a new and extensive series of “attacks against houses belonging to high-ranking members” of Hamas.

The Islamic movement said that these “successive bombings” destroyed the police headquarters, without specifying whether there were any casualties.

The new bombings, the largest since the 2014 war in the enclave, according to the army, are a response to hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza against Israeli soil.

After an initial assault on Tel Aviv late Tuesday (11), Hamas said it launched more than 220 missiles against Tel Aviv and Beerseva (in the south of the country). The operation took place after the complete destruction of a 12-story building in central Gaza City, in which top Hamas figures had offices. The group also reported the destruction of a nine-story building in central Gaza that housed homes, shops and a local television.

On the Palestinian side, the Israeli attacks kill at least 35 people, including 12 minors, and more than 230 injured, according to the Gaza health ministry. In Israel, five people died in Palestinian rocket explosions and dozens were injured, police and rescue services said.

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