Times Square shooting injures 3, including 4-year-old girl

A brawl this Saturday (8) in Times Square, New York, ended in gunfire, which hit two women and a four-year-old girl, according to the New York Times.

Police said the girl was buying toys with her family and was shot in the leg. She is not in mortal danger, as are the other two victims, aged 23 and 43, who sustained injuries to her legs and feet, respectively.

The victims did not know each other and were taken to hospital after being beaten around 5 p.m. The child had to be operated on Saturday night, police said.

“Fortunately, these innocent people are in stable condition,” Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote on social media. “The perpetrators of this senseless violence are being identified and the New York Police will bring them to justice. The flow of illegal weapons into our city must stop

According to the city’s police commissioner, Dermot F. Shea, it is not yet known what led to the shootings, but a scuffle between two to four men appears to have been the trigger.

He said police were already looking for at least one suspect and at least four shots had been fired.

The shootings aroused fear and emptied the streets of the neighborhood, one of the busiest in New York. According to the American newspaper, the streets were closed to pedestrians and drivers and businesses were emptied.

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