‘Hot’ Pfizer Makes Americans Fever, Profits Hundreds of Millions – 04/05/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal headlines throughout the afternoon, “Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Revenue Reaches $ 3.5 billion” in the first quarter. The New York Times paid more attention to profits, “Pfizer throws hundreds of millions”.

The fever surrounding the American pharmaceutical company, with a vaccine created by Germany’s Biontech, has led vehicles like Atlantic and Slate to produce lengthy analyzes on what prompts people, for example, to add the brand to their own names. on social networks.

We speak of “Pfizer elitism” and even of “Pfizer superiority complex”, ahead of competitors Moderna and J&J. Below, at TikTok:

Meanwhile, Britain’s AstraZeneca until today has not been approved in the USA and motivates reports, for example, taken to the top of the home of the WSJ: “The family of a teacher who died from an injection is seeking some answers”. In Europe, 350 cases like his have already been identified, of thrombosis after taking AstraZeneca.

It is the vaccine that Americans have produced, but do not allow use – and that Joe Biden, according to the NYT, would want to distribute to the world’s poor, “as long as federal regulators deem it safe.”


Backlash to Biden not to force Pfizer and others to give up patents has escalated, with opposing editorials in the Washington Post by mogul Jeff Bezos and Bloomberg by Michael Bloomberg. Previously, Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ had already tackled the “theft” offered by India and South Africa – and which is also regularly questioned by Bill Gates.

White House adviser Anthony Fauci has now told FT that “there are other ways”.


Bloomberg warns, in its headline, that “It’s not just India: New waves of Covid are hitting developing countries.” It lists Asians from Thailand and Laos to Nepal and Bhutan, but also South American Suriname.

In the background, nine governors from Japan argued that the Olympics should be canceled, according to Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun.


The WSJ and the Associated Press reported the US trade balance in March with a “record deficit” and “record import”, caused by “consumption and the new stimulus round” of the state :

“Politically sensitive, the deficit with China grew 11.6% to $ 27.7 billion, as usual, the largest.”


From the Substack platform to the NYT columns, there’s awe with the new CIA ad (above), with a voiceover saying things like:

“I am a black woman. I am cisgender. I am intersectional, but my existence is not a classification exercise. I refuse to internalize erroneous patriarchal ideas.”

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