The mythology of fire theft and the theory of evolution in one work – Darwin and God

A book has arrived here that has everything to be one of the most thoughtful readings I’ll do this year. The writer Alberto Mussa kindly sent me the edition of “The Origin of Species: Theft of Fire and the Concept of Humanity”.

Most of the time, Mussa writes fiction, but I already knew he was capable of turning anthropological and ethnographic knowledge into something beautiful when I came across “Meu Destino É Ser Onça”, his recreation and analysis of the Tupinambá mythology.

In the new book, the author is even more ambitious: he uses data on the human trajectory and comparative mythology from various regions of the planet to analyze the stories of the original fire theft. In fact, in one of the sections of the book, he gathered hundreds of different stories related to this mythology (as experts say).

As soon as I finish reading I will tell you more here.


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