Biden begins to review relations with Venezuela, says AP – 02/05/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Following reports from Joshua Goodman, his Florida-based Latin America correspondent, the Associated Press reported over the past week the growing signs of tension between Washington and Caracas.

In one headline, in short, “US Reviews Policy Towards Venezuela” (below).

Among other actions, Venezuela sent six leaders of the US oil sector under house arrest, after gestures by former Democratic Governor Bill Richardson and the Vatican, and allowed representation of the UN food program in the country, as Washington had asked for it.

And the United States released a government report acknowledging that aid to the border with Venezuela in 2019 was “in part to seek regime change.”

It has also become public knowledge that a prosecutor who left Venezuela in 2017, with attacks on the government, has just been “involved in bribes” in a lawsuit in the United States.

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