Covid is growing again in the world, warn Drudge and Axios – 03/30/2021 – Nelson de Sá

At the top of the Drudge report, “Virus Grows Globally …”, with a link to Axios’ website. Besides the “imminent catastrophe” in the United States, as described by the White House itself, we mention India, Germany, Kenya and above all:

“Brazil has by far the highest number of daily deaths in the world, far exceeding anything seen at the start of the pandemic.” It was before 3780 Tuesday (30).

In the US, above the Washington Post home, “Nation gears up for fourth wave with increasing cases.” In the New York Times, the “threat of an outbreak of cases” made headlines Tuesday morning, again blaming the “variant that beat the UK, B.117”.

According to WP accounts, the jump in one week was 12%. According to NYT accounts, warning that “the nation is a long way from achieving so-called collective immunity,” the two-week jump was 19%.


In an editorial with the photo above, the new edition of Beijing financial magazine Caixin, calls for a “faster” vaccination, noting that “China has succeeded in controlling the pandemic, but the increase in the vaccination rate is become a top priority “.

According to the Our World in Data website, the United States vaccinated 145 million, China 110 million.

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