In ‘worst place in the world’ doctors also start to give up – 03/25/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the appeal launched by NPR, the American public radio, to report on the pandemic, “Brazil seems to be the worst place in the world”.

And the Washington Post released another detailed report, now with doctors who chose Brazilians who will die and live (below).

In the first scene, a bed wandered into a hospital in Florianópolis and the doctor had to choose, next to the ambulance, one in 15 patients to save. “I don’t know how this will affect me,” she said.

According to the newspaper, in addition to vacancies and oxygen, “now the country is also short of doctors”. They who in many cases in recent weeks have started “pumping the lungs manually, with silicone valves”.

In another scene, in Fortaleza, a doctor reported on the choice he had to make, between a young man in his twenties and a woman in the late 90s. Only one of them could be intubabo and “the most young were more likely to survive. “.

The doctor is having nightmares now. “He sees patients in the hallways. He sees a young man crying over his mother’s body, which he infected after going to a party.”

In another, a doctor in Manaus showed messages on his phone, such as “My uncle needs a bed” or “Tell me about my wife. We have two children.”

But he no longer feels empathy, only irritation. “Who doesn’t need something?”


India is facing a new wave of pandemic due to “weakening of the immunity of those previously infected”, according to the WP, or “reinfection”, as the Financial Times puts it.

At its current rate, according to the Hindustan Times, “the Indian wave will overtake that of the USA on the 27th and that of Brazil, the biggest hot spot in the world, on April 2”.


In China increasingly besieged by government Joe Biden, finance chief Caixin remains optimistic, noting that Secretary of State “says the United States will not force an” us or them “choice over Beijing, for other countries.

More importantly, “US stimulus is on its way to China.” In other words: “Americans laden with 1,400 government checks promise to be a blessing for Chinese exporters.”


On the Global Times / Huanqiu tabloid of the Chinese Communist Party itself, “the propaganda department of the Central Committee published the official logo [acima] for the activities marking the 100th anniversary of the foundation ”, in July.

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