American supermarket shooting kills several, including a police officer

Several people died, including a police officer, in a shooting at a supermarket in the city of Boulder, Colorado on Monday (22).

Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi did not report the death toll, but confirmed that a suspected man injured in the attack had been arrested.

The ABC affiliate in Denver, citing several police officers, reported that at least six people have died.

Police also have not confirmed the number of injured, but at least one injured person has been taken to the local hospital, according to a spokesperson for Boulder Community Health, who did not release details of the patient’s state of health.

There is still no information on the motivation for the crime, according to Yamaguchi.

The supermarket is located in a residential area near the University of Colorado and is frequented by families and students. Police said they received a call from an armed man at the scene and that the suspect fired at the police upon their arrival at the scene.

A man told KCNC-TV that he was at the supermarket with his wife when he heard three loud bangs that he considered gunshots. The couple and other customers rushed into the store to escape via a loading dock at the back of the building.

Videos from the broadcaster showed a handcuffed man being escorted out of the building by police, shirtless and with his right leg appearing to be covered in blood. He was placed in an ambulance.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has said in his networks that he is monitoring events. “My prayers are with our companions in this time of sadness and sorrow,” he wrote.

The FBI, the US federal police, also said on Twitter that its agents were assisting local police with the investigation.

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