A Tolkien thought of keeping your head in place – Darwin and God

This is something that I have been repeating to myself for a long time and over and over again during these pandemic times. It comes from “Os Filhos de Húrin”, the tragic and somewhat Oedipal novel by JRR Tolkien, which removes any illusion that his worldview is naive and optimistic. Here is the quote:

“‘False hopes are more dangerous than fears,” said Sador, “and they will not keep us warm this winter.” He ran his fingers over the notch in the chair and sighed. “I wasted my time,” he said, “although the hours seemed pleasant. But all such things are short-lived; and the joy of creating things is yours only true ending, I think. ‘””

False hopes are much, much worse than fear. Do what you have to do to be your best. The rest is not in your hands.


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